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Improper Hazardous Waste Disposal, See Something Say Something

July 31st, 2012 | Posted by timd in Health | Medicine | Safety | Sanitation

If you have ever found your blood boiling after watching a nefarious citizen throwing a piece of paper, food container or cigarette butt on the ground you are most definitely not alone. These days people take an increasing amount of pride in the cleanliness of their city’s streets and sidewalks. Still there are those people with egregious senses of entitlement and a complete lack of civic pride.

That lack of civic pride from time to time can rot all the way up to the top of an important business or other organization. The resulting fall out can be not just troubling for the environment but dangerous for regular people. Even with the availability of hazardous waste disposal experts like those at City Disposal some companies will attempt the dangerous and unconscionable act of improperly disposing of vats of hazardous waste.

In NJ waste disposal is an important consideration given the sprawling industrial infrastructure of the state. It is for this reason that fines for companies are so steep and legal action is taken so seriously.

If you or a person you know sees suspicious corporate dumping anywhere seek out the proper authorities immediately. These scourge should not be offered the opportunity to get away with dangerous dumping.

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